January 13, 2023

2023 Interior and Flooring Trends: Hardwood Flooring Trends To Consider

Interior staircase in new home. Colonial style, dark hardwood floor.

Home improvement projects vary on the need and budgets of homeowners. But it also depends on what trends were in and out during the year. In 2023, more people started to install and refinish hardwood floors in their homes. Unlike other remodeling ventures, these flooring options add more home value and offer several perks due to their durability and longevity. Although hardwood floors are adaptable, they also have trending materials, colors, and textures that people need to know. Find out which hardwood crazes are in and out this year with this helpful guide.

Color Trends

Like any interior design element, hardwood flooring colors change every year. Whenever you remodel your home, this factor is an essential consideration. Although these floors are timeless and elegant home additions, the wrong color can make your room dated and out of style.

Remodelers should also remember that not all color trends change. To ensure you have a stylish hardwood floor, choose a color that can continue to be the rage within the industry for more than three years. By following this rule, your home can shift to different trends easily and save more money.

In 2023, the top colors for hardwood floors range from light to medium brown. There are also other considerations but pale to natural brown floorboards are the most recommended. Here are some of them.

Pale and Bleached Hardwood Floors

Pale, light-colored hardwood floors remain one of the most stylish options and are not going anywhere for the foreseeable future. These colors started gaining popularity in the last few years, along with the Scandinavian-style home trends.

Pale hardwoods like pine and white oak look beautiful as floors because they make the room feel more open. They also make your interior contemporary-looking and fit well with many organic modern décors. In addition, installing pale hardwood floors make houses feel new and spacious.

Bleached hardwood floorings are also becoming more popular with the rise of beach house-inspired homes. Like pale hardwood planks, they’re a standard flooring color that lasts for ages.

Deep, Espresso Hardwood Floors

Although not as sought after as light hardwood, deep, espresso-colored flooring that looks almost black is a popular choice for this year. People who prefer traditional, classic styles can consider this color for their hardwood floors.

In addition, deep, dark floors are easier to blend with furnishings and decors that have pale neutral hues. The color adds richness and lends depth to your rooms.

Mid-toned Brown Hardwood Floors

In 2023, more homeowners are finding timeless and traditional flooring designs more sustainable. Unlike other trending colors, mid-toned brown hardwood planks never go out of style. While they’re not the go-to choices every year, they complement different home styles and builds.

Texture and Pattern Trends

Textures are essential factors homeowners need to consider for their hardwood floors this year. Unlike the past few years, the more texture your hardwood flooring has, the better it looks. 2023 is all about textures and patterns that give character, depth, and style to the room.

Invest in hardwood floors with distinct graining and patterns. You can also consider planks with distressed, wire-brushed, or hand-scraped surfaces. In addition, having reclaimed hardwood floors add personality and fit with the sustainable design trend.

Homeowners should also expect the boom of herringbone hardwood flooring. Although its popularity started in 2022, many hardwood professionals noted that this flooring pattern would stay in demand for a long time. Other patterns like French parquetry are not bad choices, but herringbone hardwood floors work better with the designs and styles trending today.

Finishes and Plank Sizes

Keeping old hardwood floors updated with the trends is more convenient with the help of finishes. This year, the top hardwood finish options are smooth and glossy coats, matte or no-shine, and natural-looking glow polishes.

Dark stains are taking a step back in 2023. While dark, rich colors are still part of the better choices for hardwood flooring, people choose planks with naturally dark hues and tones. Earth brown stains and finishes can work as an alternative, but remodelers need a decent amount to achieve a natural look.

When it comes to hardwood board sizes, wide hardwood floors are in high demand. Because texture in flooring is everything, wider planks make grains and patterns more noticeable. They’re also less busy and require fewer pieces to install. 

Top Flooring Trends and Hardwood Floors in Austin

Hardwood flooring trends are one of the most significant things homeowners need to consider. These flooring options offer numerous benefits and keeping them up-to-date help safeguard the perks people can get from them. From the color and texture to plank sizes, remodelers need to find which choices will stay popular for a long time.

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