October 13, 2022

5 Hardwood Flooring Color Trends You Should Know Before Choosing a Floor - Part 2

When it comes to hardwood flooring options, picking the right color of hardwood flooring is important–from a décor perspective, and from a color trends perspective, as it could affect your home’s resale value. 

In a previous post, we discussed gray and honey/copper hardwoods. Now let’s examine blonde, greige and whitewashed! 

Blonde Hardwoods

Next in the survey of hardwood color trends was that of blonde-colored floors. One of the best things about blonde hardwoods is the array of styles they can project. Depending on the rest of your home’s décor, blonde hardwoods can create chic, contemporary or even rustic appearances. They also give a more open and lighter feel to any space, especially if wider planks are selected. In general, cooler and lighter colors tend to work best with blonde-colored hardwoods, including blues and grays. And in terms of hardwood options, bamboo, maple, white oak and ash are common ones that come in blonde overtones. Unlike some other hardwood colors, blonde hardwoods tend to be timeless in style. Thus, it’s not too surprising blonde colors are included in the hardwood trends in 2022 as well. 

Greige Hardwoods

Perhaps, you have never heard of the color “greige” when it comes to hardwood flooring. In essence, the term is simply a combination of the words “gray” and “beige,” indicating its basic appearance. Greige hardwood color trends consist of combinations of browns and beige tones with a touch of gray underneath. It has become increasingly popular as of late because of its versatility. It can complement rustic brown decors as well as more modern white styles. It also tends to look more luxurious in common areas while offering bedrooms a unique appeal. And for homeowners looking for greater contrast, it can also be used with bolder colors. Recent reports also show that greige hardwood trends in 2022 offer great resale value among homebuyers. That’s why over a third of hardwood flooring experts listed greige hardwoods as an ongoing trend for the future. 

Whitewashed Hardwoods

While whitewashed hardwood colors may not be widespread as one of the hardwood color trends, it is worth noting. Whitewashed hardwoods began as a west-coast trend that has since made its way across the country. In essence, the term whitewashed does not refer to a smooth, finished white wood. Instead, it is more distressed, showing signs of wear with darker colors peeking through. The overall vibe it offers is one that is more relaxed and chill. As a result, these hardwood colors are often used in beachfront areas. At the same time, however, they can also be combined with various décor to create a more upscale contemporary feel. In general, these floors work well if you’re trying to achieve a bright, spacious and relaxed feel to your home. And while it may not be one of the hottest hardwood trends in 2022, whitewashed hardwoods are definitely worth noting. 

The Trendy Are Not the Only Options

The hardwood color trends listed are those that are current most popular among homeowners. But that of course doesn’t mean they’re your only options when it comes to hardwood colors. For example, darker hardwood colors remain popular for bedrooms because of the warmer feel they provide. Many people also choose darker colors in the kitchen to contrast with lighter colored cabinets. And red hues may be ideal for your particular home’s décor. Thus, while it’s important to appreciate the hardwood trends in 2022, it’s also important to appreciate all your options. That’s where a hardwood flooring specialist can certainly help guide you in the right direction. There are many hardwood colors available, which is great for designing your home just the way you want it!