October 27, 2022

Classic Hardwood Patterns for Creative Home Floorings

Floor remodeling on a budget is always a project filled with compromises. It can be design changes, area size limitations, or wood choices. Making deals and bargains is necessary to avoid overspending. Hardwood floors are no exception. However, these compromises aren’t as hopeless as some remodelers think. Are you stuck with plain domestic hardwood for your flooring? Hardwood flooring patterns are a quick solution to that concern. Familiarize yourself with the classic hardwood patterns available to come up with creative floorings on a budget.

Hardwood floors have centuries of history and are one of the oldest flooring designs still used today. These wooden patterns are elegant and timeless methods that enhance the natural beauty of hardwood while keeping their durability. In addition, hardwood flooring patterns can also influence the room layout, size, and furniture placement.

Two Major Types of Hardwood Floor Patterns

The most common hardwood patterns are under two categories: regular and parquet. Amongst them, parquet wood patterns have more variety and are more popular for remodelers.

A style dating back to France in the 1600s, parquet hardwood patterns are the classic flooring design trend. Often associated with luxury and old-world elegance, every parquet pattern has a distinct style that shows excellent craftsmanship and skills.

Although regular hardwood patterns are suitable for any room or area of your home, parquet patterns are the opposite. Depending on its style, some choices are better for bedrooms and the study, while others are more suitable for kitchens and living rooms. 

Straight Hardwood Flooring Pattern

The most typical and popular way of fitting wooden floors, straight pattern floorings are one of the two subtypes of regular wood patterns. Simple and effective are the two most notable features of this design. Homes with a limited budget choose straight hardwood flooring to make their rooms spacious and organized. This pattern is versatile and can suit both traditional and contemporary home styles.

Diagonal Hardwood Flooring Pattern

Diagonal hardwood patterns fit each wood plank from corner to corner. Although straight and diagonal patterns are alike, the latter needs more skill and expertise for better execution and installation. Moreover, these flooring designs are the base of any diagonal parquet pattern.

Homeowners interested in having diagonal hardwood floors should contact professional hardwood installing services to avoid mistakes and create its popular optical illusion.

Herringbone Pattern

The most popular and oldest parquet flooring pattern is the Herringbone. An ideal design for large rooms, this French parquet pattern gives an air of sophistication to your home.

Herringbone provides dimensional stability due to the way each hardwood blocks press together. The design limits any movements between the hardwood, making your floors more durable and stylish.

Pushing the hardwood against one another is a challenging task needing sufficient skill and experience. To avoid wasting or chipping hardwood planks, hire a group of professional hardwood installers to help you fit the hardwood floorings. Kitchens are great locations to use herringbone patterns because they give the area richer and wider dimensions.

The Chevron Pattern

Like the herringbone, the chevron design uses equal-sized hardwood planks or blocks and installs them in a zig-zag print. Newbie remodelers and homeowners often have difficulties in differentiating chevron patterns from herringbone. One trick to identify each pattern is in the cuts of the hardwood planks.

Hardwood blocks or planks cut at a specific angle and laid in a straight line meeting the ends of another is a chevron. Herringbone wood planks are always cut into rectangles and fitted with each plank end put together.

Like other parquet wood patterns, chevron is not advisable for small rooms or areas because it makes them smaller and cluttered.

Random Wood Pattern

Do you have leftover hardwood from a previous flooring project or a bunch of reclaimed wood? Flooring fittings are essential in ensuring that your flooring options are stable and strong. But with unevenly sized hardwood planks, homeowners can end up with loose floorboards.

Random parquet patterns are an ideal solution to keep the stability of your hardwood floorings while using mixed-sized wood available.  Although the width and length of your hardwood blocks vary, the pattern is still consistent. As a result, random hardwood flooring designs create an impression of a more spacious room.

This pattern adds character and introduces creativity to the space. Homeowners can blend and play with colors and textures to create unique hardwood flooring.

Plain Hardwood, Unique Floor Designs

Dealing with a flooring installation project on a limited project doesn't mean limiting your access to having unique hardwood flooring designs. Wooden floors have a long and rich history. With them are different floor patterns you can use or adapt. Depending on the intricacy of your chosen design, you may need professionals like those in Kelly Hardwood Floors to install your floors. Start consultations with us today to find the best flooring options for you and your budget.