October 26, 2022

Top Flooring Trends For Your Homes in 2022

Choosing the best remodeling projects in 2022 has become a challenge to many homeowners and builders. Inflation in raw materials and other building items has affected the industry’s budget for remodeling and building projects. Despite that, the demand for hardwood flooring installations is rising. Although costly, hardwood floors check all the current boxes ensuring higher home values. But with so many choices available, how can homeowners get the best flooring options to suit their style and budget?

Quick Need-to-Knows About Hardwood Flooring

Different flooring styles and options came and went in the past decade, but none had lasted as hardwood floors. Although many flooring options are available worldwide, only a few materials are as durable and stable as hardwood.

They also bring a timeless appeal and, depending on the wood species, can offer varied looks throughout their aging process. Hardwood floors also need little to no maintenance, unlike other options, making them preferable to many working households.

These floor types also allow remodelers a wider avenue to be creative with their interior design. From patterns and color to wood species, hardwood is a versatile building material ideal for trendsetters and adventurous builders.

Trend #1: Deep and Rich Hardwood Floors

Making a statement is a remodeling staple this year. Interior designs are more focused on showing the homeowner's style and character throughout their homes. But with a limited budget, extensive renovations are impossible.

Hardwood flooring designs can be statement-makers in different ways. One of which is their color options. People who want bolder colors and layouts go for deep and rich-colored hardwood floors. Traditional solid hardwood has subtle variations, but newer trends have wild and bold graining and can even feature a blend of colors. Some hardwood floor installers create this style by installing planks that have different tones and sizes.

This trend is best in sunny areas or rooms where the colors can pop out, like your sun nook or deck. Putting decorative rugs or carpets on this hardwood flooring design is not ideal.

Trend #2: Bleached/Whitewashed Hardwood

Whitewashed or bleached hardwood floorings are the go-to flooring options to achieve the popular beach house look. A classic house trend, this house style highlights beach living by using natural lighting and cool colors to get a light and breezy effect.

Although these hardwood floors are more widespread on the West Coast, they are becoming popular all over the country. In addition, bleached hardwood floors are a must-have in many contemporary farmhouse-style houses, especially in their kitchens.

Modern whitewashed hardwood floors also pair well with homes having deep wall tones. Another feature of this flooring worth mentioning is its refinishing and stain adaptability. Homeowners can apply wood stains and finishes that can suit their current preferences.

Bleached and whitewashed hardwood floors can make your living area brighter and bigger. It also gives your home a cooling and relaxed feel.

Trend #3: Rustic and Textured Hardwood

Unlike the previous flooring trends, rustic hardwood floors are not everyone's cup of tea. But with proper decor and style, this flooring design can be alluring and calming.

Rustic hardwood has natural textures and surfaces that hardwood installers can style differently, depending on the overall look and theme of the place. Homeowners can use specific wood species and brush them to showcase their texture or reclaimed wood. These hardwood flooring trends feature rugged textures and colors that add depth and warmth to the rooms.

Most rustic and textured hardwood floors work best in farmhouses, lodges, and forest cottages. 

Trend #4: Smokey or Gray Hardwood Floor

For a decade, gray hardwood floorings have grown in demand across the US. In the past few years, gray has become one of the trending color palettes in the interior design industry.

Gray hardwood flooring is the definite choice for a chic contemporary home. In addition to their sleek design, this flooring option allows homeowners a neutral backdrop for colorful home decor. The decorative freedom that gray floors give designers also ensures they won't go out of trend at any time.

Smokey-toned hardwood floors are designs between rich, deep hardwood and rustic hardwood. They have the classic warm undertones popular in any hardwood flooring type, but they have a rustic edge that is becoming more in demand.

There are also no specific wood species for this hardwood flooring option, as most of them can go through the smoking process.

In addition, smokey hardwood rarely uses stains to get its desired dark tones. Smokey-toned hardwood trends are ideal floor choices for people who want more flair and drama in their properties.

Set the Trend: Know Which Hardwood Floor Trend Is for You

Achieving a curated style in your home takes research and an understanding of current trends. Picking which hardwood flooring trend suits you best is nothing different.

Learning about these hardwood flooring options will allow you to narrow your choices and stick to a design that will work on your budget and preference.

Get to know more about hardwood flooring trends with a professional. Check with Kelly Hardwood Floors today!