October 12, 2022

5 Hardwood Flooring Color Trends You Should Know Before Choosing a Floor - Part 1

When it comes to hardwood flooring options, there are many choices and decisions that should be considered. Some of the more pressing issues relate to the type of hardwood selected and the price. Other considerations include the size of the hardwood plank and the type of hardwood flooring finish that is best for your home. However, these are certainly not the only options homeowners have when it comes to hardwood flooring. Picking the right color of hardwood flooring is also important. Not only is this helpful from a décor perspective, but knowing hardwood color trends could affect your home’s resale. Thus, hardwood trends in 2022 provide insights about both your color options and potential for adding home value. 

Unlike other trends, hardwood color trends tend to be more lasting than those in fashion or décor. Regardless, different flooring preferences do evolve over time. For example, hardwood color trends lately have moved toward lighter and softer tones. Browns and grays are much more popular than reddish hues over the last several years. Additionally, hardwood trends in 2022 are seeing a rise in unique color tones, such as greige and copper hardwoods. If you’re thinking about adding hardwood flooring to your home, then it’s worth checking out the latest color trends. With this in mind, the following lists 5 of the top hardwood color trends this year. 

Gray Hardwoods

According to recent surveys by hardwood flooring experts, over 40% cited gray hardwood color trends as being the most popular. In fact, this has been the case for over a decade, suggesting good staying power. The reason these hardwood colors are so popular relate to the neutral palate they offer for your home’s décor and style. One can choose to create a more chic and trendy vibe with gray hardwoods. Or you can create a more cool and contemporary feel. Plus, gray hardwoods are compatible with a spectrum of colors ranging from aquas and greens, to black-and-white, to bold colors. As a result, its versatility and stylishness account for this being one of the more popular hardwood trends in 2022. And as far as the experts are concerned, it's likely to continue for many decades to come. 

Honey/Copper Hardwoods

The same survey of hardwood aficionados also listed honey-colored or copper-colored hardwoods as one of the hardwood trends for 2022. In essence, honey and copper colors offer a compromise between lighter and darker hardwood tones. They also are a classic hardwood color style, which means this is not a trend likely to go anywhere. These floors are light enough to provide a sense of spaciousness and openness. But at the same time, they have dark enough hues to create a feel of warmth and richness. In addition, there are a number of hardwoods that are available in honey or copper tones. These include oak, hickory, chestnut, and ash as well as pine. Pine has the advantage of also being more affordable in most instances. Understanding these features, honey and copper floors will continue to be one of the hardwood color trends in the future. 

Stayed tuned for part 2 of Hardwood Flooring Color Trends You Should Know Before Choosing a Floor, which will dig into the pros and cons of blonde, greige and whitewashed hardwoods!