December 28, 2022

Hardwood Flooring Highlights of 2022

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In 2022, the hardwood flooring industry sales grew to more than 20%. The industry’s growth this year proved as a comeback after the hit it took during the pandemic. With more people investing in hardwood floors in their homes, homeowners are also reaping numerous benefits from installing and refinishing their wooden floors. Besides the higher addition to property values and longevity, these floors are sophisticated add-ons that blend well with 2022’s home interior trends. Take a look back at some of the highlights of hardwood floors this year.

Top Hardwood Species Used in 2022

2022 opened the market to several domestic and exotic hardwood species for homeowners and remodelers. While oak varieties remain the most popular, other species provide the best look for your preferred aesthetic. Following the year’s trend of focusing on self-expression, here are some of 2022’s most popular domestic hardwood species.


Oak remains the country’s go-to hardwood flooring option for several reasons. They're durable, have appealing wood grains, and have pleasant natural colors. Despite their patterns and light colors, they can take stains well. This makes them easier to match with whatever design you want for your space or room.

While not the most water-resistant, this hardwood specie has decent water resistance and durability. White oak offers white, gray, and cool tones and is sturdier than its other variety. It’s also the more popular choice among other domestic species. Red oak has warmer tones, perfect for rich and homey interiors. Although softer, the red oak is significantly harder than most options.


Many woodworkers are fond of walnut flooring for its luxurious, dark chocolatey color. In 2022, rustic homes and themed rooms use walnut, as it fits the look and feel of their chosen aesthetic. Because of its rich dark color, scratches aren’t as visible. Walnut wood planks are more expensive but offer great color and texture.


Rigid-core bamboo flooring has been a growing trend in the past few years but boomed at its peak in 2022. While bamboo isn’t a wood specie, it is under exotic hardwood species. This flooring option is a durable, eco-friendly take on hardwood flooring with the same benefits.

Top Flooring Colors and Stains

Some of the best-selling features of hardwood floorings are the variety of choices they offer clients in terms of color and grain patterns. In addition, their ability to absorb stains allows homeowners creative freedom to fit their wooden flooring with their desired interior style. Here are some colors and stains that took the year by storm.

Gray-colored Hardwood and Stains

Gray hardwood floors are one of the trendiest colors for home interior renovations this year. The color gives rooms a more modern and contemporary feel. In addition, gray-stained floors match well with white cabinets and sleek, modern furniture.

Dark and Rich Stains

Dark, rich brown tones are popular for people with rustic tastes or living in mountain or lakeside cottages. In addition to its warm and timeless appeal, dark, brownish hardwood floors don’t find easily. They also hide scratches well, making them easier to cover with refinishing.

Bleached Hardwood

Bleached hardwood gained popularity along with the rise of the beach house aesthetic. Its white, uniform flooring is perfect for consumers with bright, cheerful, and minimalistic styles.

Rustic Textures

New hardwood floors provide an elegant look to any home. However, old hardwood floorings offer a timeless feel to your space. Unlike new, untouched hardwood planks, aged wooden floorboards have textures that give the room more character. But you don’t need to wait decades to acquire these interesting grains in 2022.

Distressed Finish

Naturally-aged hardwood floors have small grooves and undulations, showing homeowners its part of the home’s history. With new hardwood, come up with these distressing textures after applying your desired finish.

Hand-scraped Finish

Hand-scraped finishes have irregular ridges and grooves, creating depth and definition on the wood surface.

Sawn Finish

Sawn finishes have a rough and rustic surface. They also have visible kerf marks that feel as if the wood planks were freshly-cut.

Brushed Finish

After refinishing your hardwood floors, brush them lightly with softer-fiber brushes between the harder grains. This will allow you to highlight your hardwood’s natural texture better.

2022 Hardwood Flooring Highlights to Remember

2022 is a memorable and pivotal year for the hardwood flooring industry and wooden flooring enthusiasts. Long-lasting, low maintenance, and versatility are not the only reasons this flooring option bounced back right after the pandemic. Hardwood floors allow homeowners the freedom to match their floorboards to their preferred style or the year’s current trends. While they’re a costly addition, they’re a worthy property investment for ages.

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