November 10, 2022

Oak: Getting to Know the Classic Option for Hardwood Floorings

In 2022, hardwood floors are at the top of the industry’s remodeling project must-do's. While the hardwood sector dipped for a few years, it’s still a household favorite across the US. Unlike other flooring options, hardwood floors are the definition of timeless elegance. In recent years, more hardwood species are becoming popular in the market. But oak hardwood floorings still hold the most sales. Know more about oak and the reasons why they’re the go-to choice for most US homes.

Sustainable Hardwood Flooring Option

Sustainability is one of the most notable advantages of oak over other hardwood species. 60% of the world’s oak species is in the US. Oak trees are the most common wood in North America, Europe, and northern parts of Asia and are native to most US states.

Due to its abundance, oak hardwood floors are the more economical option for remodelers in the United States. In addition, these wood species are also the most popular raw material for furniture, cabinetry, and boats. Because they're easily available, oak is the most sought-after material for hardwood floors in Austin and other US cities all year.

Wood Durability

Durability is a deciding factor in any wooden flooring’s long-term value. The longer a wood lasts the wear and tear, the higher its value in homes and properties becomes. Hardwood floorings are classic choices because of this reason.

Unlike other floors, hardwood floors improve with age and can last for a century. With proper care and maintenance, homeowners can keep the color and grain of the wood like new for several decades. Although all hardwood floors are durable, not many wood species can match the oak’s durability, sturdiness, and appearance.

All oak species are hard, heavy, dense, and have close grain. Moreover, their high tannin content makes them highly resistant to insect and fungal infestations. Oak is also one of the wood species worldwide with high water resistance.

Hygiene Improvement

Natural or solid hardwood floors have organic origins, making them one of the hygienic flooring materials available. Oak floors have smooth surfaces that prevent dust and bacteria collection. In addition, they reduce the growth of bacteria and mildew and are incapable of trapping foul odors.

Oak, like any other hardwood, also absorbs carbon which helps keep the air balanced and healthy. They also have non-toxic and sanitizing properties, making them the most recommended hardwood for families with babies, toddlers, and pets.

Timeless Appearance

One of the reasons why hardwood floorings are holding their ground in the industry, unlike other trends, is their appearance. Hardwood floors are the most versatile and timeless addition to any home. Oak, in particular, can fit in any interior and architectural style. Due to this, hardwood floorings increase a home’s value more than any other home improvement project.

Another significant part of an oak’s timeless charm is the variety of color schemes available in the market. This wide range of choices makes it easier for homeowners to find a hardwood floor that matches their style and personality. More than 150 color variations of oak hardwood flooring are available across the country, apart from oak-engineered hardwood choices.

Plank widths can also make a difference to a room’s feel and design. Narrow oak planks often make the room larger and more modern. Wider oak planks are best for homes leaning into a rustic, modern farmhouse look. Moreover, getting distressed and hand-scraped oak floorings is ideal, especially for people who prefer rustic designs.

Great Acoustics and Underfloor Heating

Hardwood floorings never lack in offering homeowners other features upon its installation. Depending on the type of hardwood, homes can get better acoustics and underfloor heating.

Oak has thicker and denser timber which affects heat production inside your home. Underfloor heating from hardwood has become popular in the remodeling industry, especially in its relationship with environmental sustainability.

Aside from heating, acoustic or thermal underlays are popular for people installing engineered wood flooring. All hardwood floorings, oak included, can block out outside noises from neighbors and roads. Most dance and music studios have close-fitting, noise-absorbing oak hardwood floors.


Apart from its durability and appearance, another notable selling point of hardwood floorings is maintenance. Unlike other flooring options, homeowners can find hardwood floors easier and more manageable to maintain.

Although hardwood deep cleaning services are available for these floors, people don't need anything special for the regular upkeep of wooden floors. Oak and other hardwood species are more stain-resistant, and high-quality oak doesn't warp or bow easily. Restoring scratches on hardwood floors are more manageable with specialized finishing and waxing products.

The Secrets Behind Oak’s Popularity

Hardwood floorings are timeless and durable addition to any home or property. Over the years, more hardwood species are entering and making their name in the industry. However, nothing stands close to the popularity of oak hardwood floors. While it possesses all the selling points of hardwood floors, oak’s qualities are better than most species available. It may be one of the traditional hardwoods across the country, but true to its nature, oak stood the test of time, making it the most sellable hardwood floor.