December 27, 2022

Hardwood Flooring Trends to Look Out for in 2023

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Following its successful run in 2022’s interior and home improvement trends, hardwood floors are going strong in 2023. While the wood flooring industry expects growth, persistent inflation and labor shortage challenges still affect their sales and performance. With more people installing hardwood floors for the benefits it offers to homeowners, understanding the upcoming flooring trends is essential. Here are some predicted hardwood flooring trends for 2023 you can consider for your space.

Hardwood Flooring Industry 2023 Challenges

The expected challenges the hardwood industry will face in the upcoming year can have drastic effects on what trends are in and out. Despite the awareness of manufacturers and sellers, homeowners and remodelers need to acquaint themselves with the possible obstacles from these things during their home improvement and flooring projects.

In the last quarter of 2022, the industry’s main concerns center on the economy, labor shortages, and supply chain challenges. In addition, many manufacturers also find political climates, potential housing bubble collapses, and government regulations limiting what species, grain, and size they can offer to the public.

The NFWA and the rest of the hardwood flooring industry created solutions and used alternative resources to confront the rising percentages of labor and supply chain shortages. Some manufacturers started opting for domestic producers from the US and Canada instead of Asian importers. Other distributors found it impossible to afford the higher costs of other hardwood species and settled for creating engineered hardwood using a domestic two-plywood system.

Referrals and online job postings are the top strategies to increase the workforce. With younger and more inexperienced members, the NWFA began teaching trainees with skills needed to perform certain roles.

Longer and Wider Hardwood Planks

In recent years, wide planks and long hardwood boards climbed the list of in-demand flooring products. The upcoming year predicts a stronger and more successful year for these floorboard types as more people prefer using them for their projects.

Wide hardwood floors give homes a grander appearance and a more modern look. While wide vintage planks are not as versatile as standard or narrower options, their designs blend well with popular home styles today.

Unlike standard-sized planks, wide hardwood floorboards have fewer seams, making smaller line interruptions between boards. In addition, they add higher real estate value and have better woodcuts.

While its benefits, wide planks are more expensive and have limited availability. Moreover, these floorboards are more prone to warping in extreme climate changes.

Increasing Demand for Solid and Engineered Hardwood

Solid and engineered hardwood floors are both in demand in 2023. Despite the supply chain challenges faced by the industry, the availability of domestic hardwood species is still stable. Exotic hardwood species are also rising in popularity, and solid hardwood is perfect for it.

With solid hardwood planks becoming more expensive, engineered hardwood became the cost-friendly alternative for many remodelers and homeowners. While sanding and staining them are more limited than solid planks, people can still enjoy the perks of having hardwood floors at a more affordable price.

White Oak and Soft, Fluid Woodgrains

White oak is one of the oldest and most consistent hardwood species used for flooring in centuries. In the forecast of NFWA, more than half of clients prefer white oak, while more than a quarter lean to red oak for their floorboards.

In 2023, spaces offering rest, refuge, and rejuvenation are essential. Hardwood floors can help provide this sense of safety with floorboards of soft, fluid woodgrains and loose knots. Douglas Fir, a hardwood specie with soft grains, will stand on top of oak in the upcoming year.

The gentle aesthetic is at the forefront of next year’s top home interior trends. Hardwood floors offer homeowners varied choices, patterns, and colors that can mimic the style.

Natural Hardwood Stains

Dark and rich-colored hardwood reached its peak in 2022 but will find itself on a downward trend in 2023. With the emerging gentle and modern-contemporary interior styles, more people prefer their floors to look more natural-looking.

Natural, classic colors or stains that enhance or show the true colors of hardwood planks are leading the trends. Unlike other flooring options, attaining the look is better with hardwood floors. They also lead the shift for classic and modern mixes.

Natural color stains and polishes are hot next year. In addition, more uniform floorboards are in higher demand.

Predicted 2023 Trends For Hardwood Flooring in Austin

Welcoming the new year with a flooring project for your home will be more successful if you know which trends are hot. The demand for hardwood floors continued to increase in 2023, and along with it are fad changes you need to consider. While white oak is consistent, dark and rich hardwood floorings are not as popular as before.

Ease into the top flooring trends for 2023 comfortably with this list. Get in touch with your trusted professional hardwood flooring services in Austin, TX, today.

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