January 16, 2023

2023 Interior and Flooring Trends: Why Hardwood Floors the Best Home Addon For Your Homes

A modern farmhouse dining room with a chandelier above a dark wood table and chair on hardwood floors looking towards a family room.

In 2023, interior design and house styles are about making statements, showing personality, and wellness. While most people disregard trends for timeless and sentimental home additions and furnishing, understanding the crazes for the year can help increase the value of your homes. In an era where everyone encourages the ‘anything goes’ concept, knowing which home improvement projects is versatile and financially worth it is essential. In this two-part story, get to know 2023’s interior and flooring trends, why hardwood floors are your best bet, and the hardwood floor rages you can have for your home.

Using Natural Materials is Everything

Many interior designers stated that natural materials and wood would be at the forefront of this year’s home styles. Trends have become an interesting concept in this era, but the comeback of different wood types for floors and furnishing is a delightful surprise.

Homeowners redecorating or renovating their homes in 2023 should consider incorporating natural materials. Unlike other raw materials, hardwood is adaptable to any style or trend without the need for too much change.

In addition, natural materials give depth and richness to the space of your home. The type of wood you use can also add brightness and make the room spacious. Hardwood flooring installations offer these features and other unique qualities depending on the specie, variety, color, and grain of the planks you choose.

Natural materials like hardwood are also easy to avail. While some tree species have limited supply at different times of the year, domestic trees like oak, maple, and pine have enough supply all year round. Their availability and the variety of choices they offer to homeowners make them a trending addition to any home. 

Personality-Driven Designs

The general aesthetic of perfect rooms and spaces is now losing its place in the limelight. Today, homeowners are shifting from textbook interior designs to cozy, homey areas featuring their collections, art, and furnishing. It also includes sentimental keepsakes and old and new pieces of furniture.

While minimalism became the hype for many contemporary homes in the past couple of years, this year, people are craving warmth and depth. In addition, they’re also looking for more character in their homes. The concept of 'anything goes' encourages the self-expression of homeowners in how they design their residences.

Personality-driven interiors come with mixes and matches of fabrics, furnishing, texture, and color. To ensure these features blend well together, walls and floorings are critical. Unlike other flooring options, hardwood flooring can balance out bold colors and different décor without sacrificing its unique qualities.

Light-to-light-brown hardwood planks add brightness to your room and help bring your personalized design to center stage. These floorboards add character and richness to the room without overwhelming your décor and furnishing.

Texture is King

Having texture is critical in adding personality and depth to the interior of your home. From your walls and furniture down to your flooring, a distinct surface look helps make your spaces cozy, layered, and rich.

The texture of your materials can create a huge visual impact on the room. But mixing them and making them work cohesively is the challenge. Patterns and graining on your walls and floors can clash if you decide to put strong types together.

In 2023, blending these textures is critical to reaching a beautiful space full of character. By having hardwood floors, you can go wild with your wall panels and furnishing. Although some hardwood planks come with strong graining and patterns, homeowners still have a wide array of trees that can blend well with the furniture and wall they have. 

Wellness and Sustainability

In the past few years, home gyms were at the top of room addition must-haves in residential houses. While fitness and healthy living are still important for homeowners, places that can help alleviate stress and their mental health has become a priority in 2023.

This shift also affected what rooms are best suited to add in many homes this year. Designers decided that wellness rooms should be a focus for remodelers for their use and their chic-looking style. Besides spaces that can help rejuvenate their mental well-being, people are also more mindful of the environment and sustainability.

Instead of trending furniture and décor, many homes start favoring antiques and investing in home improvement projects that can last for a long time. One of these ventures is hardwood floorings. Unlike carpet and laminated floors, hardwood planks come from sustainable and eco-friendly materials.

In addition, their natural colors and patterns add to the look of many wellness rooms. They make the room spacious and bright while enhancing the relaxing feel of the space. 

Enjoying Hardwood Floors in Austin, TX

All trending styles in 2023 focus on self-expression, making statements, wellness, and sustainability. But achieving these designs doesn’t require too much money for big-scale renovations. While hardwood floors are costly additions to your home, their installation is more affordable than changing or building new spaces in your house. The versatility of hardwood planks makes them easier to blend with your preferred style while you enjoy their durability and longevity.

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