February 8, 2023

Why Light Hardwood Floorings Are on Trend Today

Sunlight coming through a large window into a white and beige living room interior with fruit bowls on a wooden table

Flooring is one of the foundations that create the look and feel of any room. They’re the first you encounter when you step into a new space and the one that blends all furnishing and décor in harmony. While there are many flooring options available, hardwood floors offer timeless sophistication in any residential home. In 2023, light hardwood flooring is taking the flooring industry by storm. Read on to know what makes them the trending choice. 

Adds Visual Texture and Brightens the Room

Light-toned blonde hardwood planks have darker grains within their wood. The contrast of color highlights the burls or knots within the floorboards and adds more visual texture to your space. Although the hardwood strips are smooth, the dark patterns create an earthy and rustic appearance and feel. In addition, the visible wood veins in light hardwoods emphasize other designs in your room.

Besides the texture, light hardwood flooring also brightens the room. The soft colors of light hardwood planks produce brightness or enhance the light within your living space. When you have a room full of natural light, this type of hardwood flooring improves it by becoming a natural extension of the sun. Due to this, the area is more inviting and warm-looking.

Rooms with minimal natural light can get some brightness by having light hardwood flooring. While the space won’t look as warm or airy, blonde hardwood planks will make the place less gloomy. 

Creates the Illusion of Space

Light hardwood floors are great for making the area look bigger. Dark hardwood floors emit a type of thickness, making the room small and tight. Light-toned hardwood planks give an impression of more space due to their natural appearance.

Light hardwood flooring makes rooms airy, open, and natural. These planks act like mirrors by using whatever light is available in the room. The way they bounce the light helps deceive the eye into thinking that your place is more spacious than it is. In addition, their visible grain affects the look and style of the area. 

Easy to Clean and Hides Scratches Better

A noticeable downside of installing light hardwood flooring is that dust and other dirt are more visible. Although the collected house dust affects the clean and natural appeal of the floors, cleaning them is easier and more convenient.

The pale complexion of the hardwood makes the cleaning process faster because you can find the areas that need a good mop or sweep without much problem. The light colors also hold more visible shine from your chosen finish and give off a spotless-looking floor.

All hardwood floors will dent and scratch over time, but light hardwood floorboards hide scratches better. Scratches pierce easier through medium to dark-toned hardwood flooring, especially those with darker stains. The more scuffs your floor gets, the more the planks’ natural color shows. 

Highlights Furniture and Other Décor

Dark hardwood floors match vivid colors and bold designs, but it also swallows dark furniture. Instead of blending it with your other furnishing and décor, it becomes one dark design without harmony. Unlike darker-toned floorings, light hardwood floors separate the furniture from the floorboards and enhance its look. They also make mute or neutral-toned items look sleek, helping pastel colors radiate softer tones within the room while refining cooler tones.

Complements Different Interior Designs

The main reason why light hardwood flooring is now popular with many homeowners is because of its versatile style. Unlike brown to dark hardwood floors, light hardwood planks adapt and blend well in any aesthetic, whether a traditional farmhouse or a contemporary modern home.

Light hardwood floors and contemporary designs compress the current home aesthetic. In doing so, they also mix notable influences from other periods. The flooring features soft tones and blond colors, making them a perfect foundation for any room.

Luxury interior styles often deal with white and gold to show polished extravagance. With light hardwood flooring, they can feature visual texture that matches well with their sophisticated approach. In addition, the way blonde hardwood panels make the room spacious is essential for luxury designers.

Scandinavian styles fit well with light hardwood floors because they focus on luminosity, airiness, and natural appearance. These floorboards emanate the mentioned qualities perfectly, and their light, cooler tones create a spacious, straightforward aesthetic.

Farmhouse designs are one of the classic styles using light hardwood flooring. Farmhouse-chic aims to have a rustic look but a cozier, homier, and open feel. Using light hardwood floorboards helps homeowners achieve that atmosphere while highlighting the rustic furnishings and décor.

Coastal or beach houses use light hardwood flooring because their colors are near the sun-bleached driftwood. The faded tones of the blonde hardwoods complete the beachside feel by matching the color of the coastline.

The Best Light Hardwood Flooring Services in Austin, TX

Light hardwood floors are the year’s best-selling flooring options for several reasons. Their versatility, color, texture, and easy-to-clean features are some of the factors that make them irresistible to remodelers. Understanding why and how they’re trending in 2023 can help homeowners narrow down their choices for their flooring projects.

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