March 13, 2023

Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring: The Potential Benefits of Using Them

Pale faded brown and cool blue reclaimed wood surface with aged boards lined up.

Hardwood floorings are timeless, classical, and versatile additions to any home or space. All hardwood floors are adaptable design choices due to the available hardwood species, hues, graining, and grades on the market. But more than new domestic and exotic hardwood planks, homeowners can also use reclaimed hardwood for their flooring. Read along to learn more about reclaimed hardwood floors and their advantages.

Defining Reclaimed Hardwood Flooring

Reclaimed hardwoods are used or recycled hardwood planks from other projects, like furniture or wall panels. These old wood strips get reclaimed to serve another purpose, such as floorboards for your home.

After gathering reclaimed hardwood planks, the boards get cleaned and milled for order. Unlike other hardwood floorings, reclaimed hardwood floors are full of imperfections, but it’s also their strength.

Rustic-grade hardwoods have similarities to reclaimed wood, like their knots and holes. The difference is that rustic-grade wooden boards are natural imperfections from the timber, while recycled wood strips have flaws that came with their age and previous use.

In addition, reclaimed hardwood floors are becoming popular due to their eco-friendly feature and sustainable design. Nowadays, the wastefulness of resources is out of trend as more homeowners want to display their dedication to preservation.

Reclaimed hardwood floors offer homes a low-effort method of practicing the principles of recycling and sustainable interior design. There are also long-term prospects of owning reclaimed hardwood floorings. These floors thrived in another environment for a long time, proving their durability with age.

Potential Benefits of Owning Reclaimed Hardwood Floors

Reclaimed hardwood floors are making their way to the top of trending flooring options for many residential homes. While all hardwood floors are durable and long-lasting, these hardwood planks are different because they are aged wood previously used for either furniture or walls. Many homeowners are finding the potential benefits of owning recycled hardwood floorboards. Here are five pros you should know about them.

1. Cost-effective Choices

Reclaimed hardwood floors are popular with many remodelers and homeowners because they’re more affordable than new solid and engineered hardwood planks. Unlike other wooden flooring options, they don’t need refinishing or coating. If they do, they’re minimal coats.

Due to this, homeowners can save more time and money by hiring refinishing services or doing the process themselves. In addition, reclaimed planks are within your budget, even if you’re tight on remodeling finances. 

2. Vintage Feel and Aesthetic

This 2023, more homeowners are adding vintage additions to their home interiors. People are looking for remodeling pieces that incorporate antique designs and feel within their living space. Reclaimed hardwood floors are the perfect used materials to get that old, antique style without overwhelming your room.

Reclaimed hardwood floors are unmatched in vintage style, look, and elegance. They don’t require refinishing, and people rarely need to polish or gloss them with a coat, making them more attractive. These wooden floors have faded set patterns that fit in different settings.

3. Distinctiveness

One notable feature of reclaimed hardwood flooring is the number and availability of styles and quantities they offer. Unlike some flooring options, you can never run out of style and wood to use with reclaimed wooden floors. You also have the opportunity and the choice to mix different designs to create unique patterns that only your home owns. In addition, you can also choose the color and tones of the planks you want for your reclaimed floors.

Another advantage of owning reclaimed hardwood floors is their distinct designs. No recycled hardwood plank has the same knots, holes, and imperfections. Your flooring becomes a unique addition because each batch of wood is unlike the other.

4. High Wood Quality and Appearance

Reclaimed hardwood floors are some of the most durable flooring options available today. Unlike new hardwood floorboards, these wooden strips proved their durability as part of furniture or wall panel. They thrived and aged while exposed to sunlight, water, and dirt. Now that they function as floorings, reclaimed wood can handle heavy wear and tear for a long time.

In addition, reclaimed hardwood floors don’t need massive alterations. Whatever quality you purchase is the value you’ll receive. Many homeowners find themselves unsatisfied when buying new hardwood planks because of the changes made after buying them. With reclaimed hardwood floors, there’s no room for changes handpicked by the customers.

5. Sustainability

Reclaimed hardwood floors are sustainable additions because you don’t need to chop down new trees to get them. Instead of creating planks from fresh timber, you’re recycling used wood. Nowadays, more people are open to this idea because of the green movement.

In addition, you decrease the demand for newly-sourced lumber, which helps lessen deforestation. Although hardwoods are a renewable resource, reclaimed wood lessens the landfill waste and environmental hazards from manufacturing new floorboards.

Getting Reclaimed Hardwood Floors in Austin

Hardwood floors are some worthwhile investments and addition to any home. While some hardwood floorings are costly, there are affordable options you can consider, like reclaimed hardwood flooring. These used wooden floorboards are inexpensive, durable, sustainable, and vintage-looking. Owning them won’t dent your pocket, and you can still enjoy the benefits of having hardwood flooring.

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