February 1, 2023

Top Five Reasons Why Hardwood Flooring is the Best for Family Homes

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Family house construction or remodeling is a massive project to undertake. Besides costs and the value of your property, these home improvement ventures should also consider your needs and style. Homeowners need to prioritize function and practicality without sacrificing their chosen aesthetic. While flooring renovations are subtle and costly, they can affect your daily living. Hardwood floorings are now at the forefront of family home additions, and here are the five reasons why.

1.   They Can Handle Your Family’s Active Lifestyle

Families, especially those with young children, have an active daily lifestyle inside and outside their homes. While this isn’t much of a problem outdoors, their homes should be able to handle their activities 24/7. Floors have the most exposure to daily wear and tear, and having flooring that can deal with it is critical.

Hardwood floors are perfect for houses that shelter these families. Unlike other flooring options, they can handle and hold up against heavy furniture and your active lifestyle. In addition, they don’t easily wear down, even in areas with high foot traffic.

Keeping hardwood floors in tip-top shape is also more convenient than most flooring choices today. Using doormats and carpet runners in the hallways and entryway also helps preserve your floor. Adding small or accented rugs won’t destroy their look.

In general, hardwood floors are durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Households with young children and working parents can benefit from installing hardwood floorboards in their homes. In addition, there are more than 20 species you can choose from with varying levels of toughness.

Different tones, polishes, grains, and grades can also lessen scratches and dents on your floors. Due to this, hardwood floors age well and take minimal damage.

2.   Cleaning Hardwood Floors is Easier

Families, no matter how big or small, create a mess in their homes every day. Households with younger children have it tough, as spills, scratches, and other accidents are more frequent. But with hardwood floors, keeping them clean is easier.

Dirt and dust linger in hard-to-reach areas of your home despite routine cleaning. Unlike carpets and tiles, clearing them off hardwood floors is faster. They don’t stick to the hardwood planks, so getting rid of them with a quick sweep or a simple mop is possible. In some cases, hardwood is also more difficult to stain.

While unattended spills can seep into the floorboards, there are quick ways to prevent them from absorbing the liquids. Putting rugs and quickly cleaning the spills can keep your hardwood floorboards stain-free and avoid possible moisture damage.

3.   Better Indoor Air Quality

Not many know about this, but hardwood floors can affect the air quality inside your home. Keep in mind that hardwood floorings don’t trap dirt, dust, and other debris Carpets, for example, lessen the value of indoor air because allergens like pollen or pet hair and dust mites cling on to them.

Even with routine cleaning, allergens trapped on the flooring can filter into the air and cause health issues for you and your family. With hardwood flooring, you can ensure that these particles won’t stay after cleaning. In addition, wood is a carbon-neutral material and won’t add more carbon dioxide inside your home.

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4.   They Can Last a Lifetime

One of the best-selling points of hardwood floors is their longevity. When you’re building or renovating a family home, having every aspect of your house last for a long time is essential. But these projects, like your floors, should also age well with minimal damage.

Hardwood floors provide you with these benefits. They require little to no care and effort, and maintaining them won’t be costly. Unlike other flooring options, you don’t need to replace the entire floorboards when you have a damaged plank.

Homeowners can also polish, refinish, and re-stain their solid hardwood planks anytime. Doing this can keep your floors fresh-looking and stay on trend with the yearly interior designs.

5.   They Can Handle Pets

Some families have young children, others own pets, and many households have both in their homes. Living with a pet, especially dogs and cats, can become an additional challenge to your floor’s wear and tear. Hardwood flooring holds up well against your pets’ energetic activities inside the house.

You may need to invest in scratch-resistant polishes and concealers and get routine pet grooming. But hardwood floors are durable enough to handle the damage from running paws. Cleaning furs and dander in your flooring is also easier with these wooden flooring options.

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Keeping your family home livable, beautiful, and durable is essential for the household to enjoy its comforts. By having hardwood floors, you can have long-lasting, low-maintenance flooring without sacrificing design and appearance. These top five reasons show why they’re the best home addition for your place and family.

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