October 28, 2022

Top Five Considerations in Hiring Hardwood Flooring Services

In 2022, hardwood flooring installations are at the center of home improvement projects. While hardwood floors are in demand for their long lifespan, people also find them convenient. These flooring options allow homeowners to replace damaged floorboards without ripping apart their entire floor. Repairs and replacements can be a DIY project, but hardwood floor installation requires a high level of expertise and experience. To ensure that every plank fits perfectly, hiring the best professional hardwood flooring services is essential. Here are five things you can consider when getting yourself a hardwood installer.

1.   Expertise and Experience

Excellent craftsmanship and experience are essential qualities professional hardwood installers need to have. Proper installation of your hardwood floors can affect their stability and durability. When the planks or blocks of wood are not pushed well against each other, water and dirt can seep down easier and damage your hardwood faster. Expert hardwood installers have a distinct method of floor fitting to ensure the tight placement of boards without wasting cuts of precious hardwood.

Check your list of hardwood flooring services and search the years they have worked in the field. The company's years of service can indicate its expertise and the quality of its work. Experienced hardwood installers are more efficient and can quickly handle complications on your floors. In addition, their methods of installation were proven and tested over the years.

Experienced hardwood flooring services also have certifications and memberships in reputable organizations like the NWFA (National Wood Flooring Association). NWFA members receive skill-building resources to gain more industrially-competitive staff.

2.   Reviews and References

Looking through customer reviews and checking references are also helpful in finding the most suitable hardwood installers for your floor remodeling ventures.

Hardwood flooring services often have customer testimonials on their websites, including photos of their recent projects. Doing this will also help you know their areas of specialty and decide whether they are the best option to install your floors.

Looking into third-party review sites will also give you more insight into their performance and the quality of their work. Cross out services with less than three stars and start looking for more references on installers having higher ratings.

Company references from your friends and family are also beneficial. As they have acquired their services beforehand, you can get more information about the installers and can personally check their outputs from your family's homes.

3.   Pricing

When you have a limited budget, having a clear idea regarding their price structures is necessary. You want to hire a service that offers quality work within your price range.

The best way to determine this is by getting a detailed quote for their services. Ask the hardwood installers for a breakdown of costs and other details regarding the project. Here are some of them.

  • scope of work
  • hardwood installation method
  • completion deadline
  • hardwood species and cuts available

Never pick a floor installation company based on their prices. Low rates can affect their work quality and the products they will use to install your floors. Instead of having stable and low-maintenance hardwood flooring, you may end up with more for replacements and other repairs.

4.   Payment Options

Not all homeowners have the entirety of their budget withdrawal ready by the beginning of their renovations. Some hardwood flooring services may demand full payment for their services before they start the installation.

Full payment options can also lead to costly mistakes and make homeowners go over their budget. Ask your contractor about their payment structures while getting a copy of their detailed quote. These documents will help you set your finances to avoid additional costs.

Most hardwood flooring services use the 30-30-40 payment structure. Clients make a 30% deposit after signing the contract. They will then pay another 30% once the materials arrive at their home and will pay the remaining 40% once the installation is complete. This payment structure is the most preferred option for homeowners to prevent contractors from neglecting their responsibilities.

5.   Licenses and Insurance Policies

They may not be a regular occurrence, but getting mixed up with unlicensed contractors or companies can happen. Nowadays, these groups are becoming bolder and harder to identify. 

Before signing any contract, ask your hardwood installers for their business license and check its legitimacy. To help you with this, inquire into organizations like the Better Business Bureau.

You can also check the installers' insurance policies attached to your contract. Read the declaration or dec page to get an overview of the policyholder, the insurance coverage amount, and other information about their insurance policy.

Clients can also identify if the workers are sub-contractors or direct employees.

Hardwood Flooring Services Considerations

Installing hardwood floors alone without the necessary skill and knowledge will only waste a hefty amount of your renovation budget. Hiring professional hardwood installers is ideal for preventing costly mistakes and having quality hardwood flooring in your homes. Understanding the essential considerations when hiring these services will help you find the most suitable partner to make your hardwood flooring dreams a reality. Kelly Hardwood Floors can be those guys. Contact us now for more details.