April 12, 2023

Top 10 Most Durable Hardwood Flooring Options in 2023

Newly installed hardwood floor patched and refinished

Durable, long-lasting, and sophisticated are some of the perks of owning hardwood flooring in 2023. Hardwood floors also offer homeowners numerous wood species, colors, and grains. Although they’re all beautiful wood options, that doesn’t mean every specie provide the same durability. Here are ten of the most durable hardwood floorings to consider for your home this year.

1.   Oak

No hardwood flooring list could be complete without oak. When it comes to durable hardwood floors with the Janka scale as a reference, Oak hardwood floorings are one of the toughest woods available. In addition, they’re the industry standard for the wooden flooring industry due to their availability and high Janka rating of 1300 to 1360.

While oak hardwood floorings are within mid-range hardness, they’re a versatile type of hardwood. Due to that, their planks are durable enough for anything. 

2.   Hickory

Hickory is the most durable domestic hardwood species in Northern America. It has a Janka hardness rating of 1820, allowing them to handle heavy wear and tear for long periods. Although there are some notable disadvantages of owning hickory hardwood floorings, durability isn’t one of them.

In addition, hickory possesses beautiful and unique grain patterns and colors. Many hardwood floor buyers find their durability and appearance worthwhile home add-ons.

3.   Santos Mahogany

Santos mahogany is one of the exotic hardwood floors common to many households. They’re another top hardwood flooring option due to their high Janka scale rating. This exotic hardwood scales at around 2200. In addition, they have a unique deep red hue and distinct tight graining pattern.

4.   Ebony

Ebony is an exotic hardwood flooring that many households choose for their floors because suppliers for these species are rare. Ebony hardwood planks are also at the top of durable hardwood choices due to their high Janka scale rating of 3220.

The reason for ebony’s rarity was due to their durability. In the past decades, many people have sought ebony hardwood until they became threatened species, making large quantities of planks hard to come by. Nowadays, most ebony hardwood floors available are only ebony-stained hardwood flooring.

5.   Maple

Maple is one of the hardwood species used for contemporary-styled homes. They’re also a staple hardwood flooring for basketball courts due to their shock-absorbing properties. In addition, they rank high on the Janka hardness scale with a rating of 1450.

Homeowners love maple hardwood flooring because of their creamy hues, light grains, and beautiful finishes. 

6.   Teak

Teak is another exotic hardwood specie that’s becoming more popular with many homeowners this 2023. They have a Janka hardness rating of 2330, making them one of the most durable flooring choices in the market.

In addition, teak has high natural oil and resin content, making each plank extremely glossy and beautiful without applying any finish. These oils also help the hardwood become more naturally water-resistant, preventing any spill from seeping into the wood.

7.   Brazilian Teak/ Cumaru

Brazilian teak, or Cumaru, is another durable hardwood flooring option with a high Janka rating of 3540. In addition to their durability, unique advantages, like their water resistance, and beautiful colors, they’re inexpensive to import. While they’re not as affordable as domestic hardwood planks, they’re cheap than most exotic hardwood floorboards.

8.   Brazilian Cherry/ Jatoba

Brazilian Cherry, or Jatoba, is another durable exotic hardwood flooring option. They have a Janka rating of 2350 and have high resistance against termites and other pests. In addition, they can handle heavy foot traffic and wear and tear without much problem.

Many homeowners who look for sustainable flooring options choose Jatoba. Besides their durability and sustainability, Brazilian cherry has a beautiful reddish-brown grain that makes them more appealing.

9.   Ash

Ash is a domestic hardwood species that is both long-lasting and stylish. Ash hardwood floorings are durable and can endure heavy wear and tear due to their high Janka rating of 1320. In addition, these planks have a light, stylistic grain that blends well with modern interior designs.

One notable disadvantage of Ash is its sustainability. Many Ash trees fail to mature because of Ash borer beetle infestations in their farms.

10.  Tigerwood

Goncalo Alves, or Tigerwood, is an exotic hardwood species originating from Africa and Central and South America. They have a Janka rating of 2250, making them a durable, long-lasting flooring option for any home.

Although their durability is advantageous, Tigerwood hardwood planks are unique and popular because of their graining. Unlike other hardwood trees, Tigerwood has stripes of alternating colors that resemble a Bengal tiger. Their vibrant hues and grains create a statement anywhere you install them.

The Best Hardwood Floors in Austin, TX

Hardwood floors are some of the best home add-ons in your homes this 2023. They’re durable, long-lasting, and classic looking. While all hardwood floors are popular for their durability, these ten species are at the top for their toughness, uniqueness, and appearance.

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