April 13, 2023

Simple Ways to Wax Solid Hardwood Flooring

Brush applying wax on wood

Waxing is a simple yet effective way to protect and maintain solid hardwood flooring. A good wax job can keep your floors shiny and new for at least five decades. In this article, we will go over the simple ways to wax solid hardwood flooring.

Why Do Your Hardwood Floors Need Waxing?

In a way, waxing is a part of your hardwood flooring’s regular upkeep. It’s also one of the oldest techniques to restore the floorboard’s shine and prolong its life. While waxing hardwood flooring was at its peak during the 1940s, many households from earlier periods practiced them for their wooden floors.

Hardwood flooring wax is a blend of synthetic or natural waxes and solvents. Homeowners apply a thin, even product layer before buffing them to shine. Once the solvents in the wax evaporate, the waxed layer hardens and creates a protective seal.

Hardwood flooring wax is a protective layer that minimizes the absorption of spills and unwanted stains. In addition, they help fade or hide minor scratches, dents, and scuffs. Waxes also keep dirt and other invaders from damaging your finish and the surface of your floorboards.

What You Need to Do Before Waxing Hardwood Floors

Before waxing your hardwood flooring, prepare the room or space by removing floor décor like carpets, rugs, potted plants, and other furnishing. Once all furniture and décor are out of the area, clean the floorboards with a broom or mop to remove dust and dirt trapped in the floor wax.

While waiting for your floors to dry after a damp mop, prepare the tools and materials you need for waxing the floor. Check on the type of wax best for your floor and mark areas that don’t need wax. Sometimes, some hardwood flooring areas only need refinishing instead of waxing.

In addition, get second opinions or professional suggestions from an expert to ensure that the product you bought and the method you chose fit your hardwood flooring. Remember to follow the instructions from the flooring manufacturer to avoid creating dangerous and slick surface floors.

Simple Way 1: Using Solid Paste Wax

With solid paste wax, choose a can of old-fashioned paste for unvarnished hardwood floors. You can also use this product for other flooring types like engineered wood but remember not to apply them on any urethane-finished hardwood floorings, like pre-finished hardwood.

Always apply solid paste wax by hand. It ensures long-lasting shine and an even wax layer. For best results, you can follow these steps to wax hardwood floors with solid paste.

First, moisten a clean, cotton cloth like old t-shirts and wring them until they’re almost dry. Doing this prevents the fabric from absorbing too much wax.

Follow this step by lightly and evenly applying the wax on the floor. Follow the application as per package instructions when working the wax into the hardwood floorboard’s surface. In addition, if you want to use soft wax, choose a liquid equivalent instead.

Finally, let it dry until your floors appear cloudy. Get a clean towel and buff it to a shine. You can also use an electric polisher or a terry-cloth-covered sponge mop. 

Simple Way 2: Using Oil or Liquid Wax

Liquid wax or oil is the best wax option for unfinished hardwood flooring. While these products are easier to apply, you must follow the label’s instructions. In addition, they don’t last as long. Like solid paste wax, you can’t use them on urethane-finished hardwood floors.

Start by damping a lint-free cloth, mop, or electric floor polisher pad. It prevents the wax from soaking in. Take your polish and apply them to the hardwood planks. After ensuring you coated the floor with a thin, even layer, leave the solvent to dry.

Finish the process by buffing the floor with a clean towel or terry-cloth cover sponge mop.

Simple Way 3: Using Water-Based Silicone Polishes

Water-based silicone polishes are all-in-one universal wax that can shine any flooring type. In addition, they provide glossier looks and heavier-duty protection. Unlike the previous methods, you can apply them on urethane-finished hardwood floors.

When applying silicone polish, spread them in several thin coats instead of one heavy coat because they’ll dry longer. In addition, avoid spattering them onto your baseboards or walls as they stain them.

Dampen a clean mop head and pour some polish onto the mop and the floor. Wipe the wax evenly to prevent any bubbles from occurring.

Let the wax dry, and buff the floor with a clean towel. Repeat the process a few more times, especially in high-traffic areas, until satisfied with the layers.

Waxing Your Hardwood Floors in Austin, TX

Hardwood floors take a lot of damage from daily wear and tear, accumulated dirt, and spillages. Waxing them is essential to ensure they stay in peak condition. While there are several ways to apply wax on your hardwood flooring, always consider your flooring type, especially if they have urethane finishes. This regular upkeep will help your floorboards look classy and durable as they age.

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