October 6, 2022

Pets and Hardwood Floors: 7 Tips for the Best Results - Part 2

If you own a large predatory cat, like a tiger or leopard, then yes, your hardwood floors are probably doomed. But as most of us only go for domesticated dogs and cats, then it turns out that your pets are compatible with the health and well-being of your floors. Continuing with the tips from part one of this story, we’ll dig into protective mats, the policy of quick cleanup, and trimming nails and claws–the latter of which will dig into your hardwood floors if you let them!

 5.      Add Protective Rugs and Mats – Over the years, heavy traffic patterns will wear down even the best hardwood finishes. This is especially true with pets, which add a few more sets of feet to the household. In an effort to prevent such wear and tear, rugs and runners in high-traffic areas can be very beneficial. At the same time, rubber-backed mats should be placed under food and water bowls if on hardwood floors. Not only will these add years of longevity to your hardwood floor’s life. But these will also offer some comfy spots for your pets to relax.

6.      Clean Spills and Messes Quickly – As you are probably aware, water and moisture is not your hardwood flooring’s friend. But in addition, messes made by your pet on your hardwood floors can cause additional damage. The uric acid present in urine can damage both the finish and the wood itself. Therefore, it’s essential that all spills and messes be cleaned as quickly as possible. In addition, cleaning spills with vinegar and water can help reduce damage also. Making this a priority can definitely keep your hardwood floors looking fantastic. Never forget wood floor repair austin tx.

7.      Trim Nails and Claws Often – In addition to cleaning up after your pets immediately, a little hygiene also goes a long way. Trimming nails often is important as pets’ strong nails can scratch hardwood floor surfaces. This too is more of an issue of large pets and hardwood floors. But it’s a good habit to adopt in any case. Likewise, regular grooming can cut down on the amount of hair on your hardwood floors also. Hair will not damage your hardwood, but it might make it a little less attractive.

When it comes to flooring options and your pets, you do have many options. Luxury vinyl planks and engineered hardwood can offer better protections. But if you love the aesthetics of hardwood flooring (and many do!), you can have your cake and eat it to. Pets and hardwood flows can coexist. And if done with some forethought, they can truly make your house more of a home.