November 28, 2022

Pet-Proofing Your Hardwood Floors for Your Furry Companions

Having a pet is both a blessing and a responsibility. While there are many merits to owning a pet, you need to pet-proof your home. Hardwood floorings are no exception. Although they’re sturdier and last longer, hardwood floors are not impenetrable to scratches and spills from your cat or dog. To ensure your flooring’s longevity amidst your pet’s presence, pet-proofing your hardwood floors is essential. Here are some of the ways you can do that.

Keep Your Pets Well-Groomed and Trimmed

Scratches and moisture buildup are some of the causes of wood floor damage- both can come from your pet’s paws. While all hardwood floors suffer from this, they're more prominent on unfinished hardwood due to the lack of any protective finish. Without it, the floorboards absorb more moisture from wet, muddy paws or scuffs from long, untrimmed nails.

Your pets, especially dogs, are dirt magnets. They love running around and exploring every time they go outside, and their paws collect different types of dirt and grime they bring home inside the house. Remember to clean them with pet-safe wipes before entering the home. In addition, ensure that their paws are dry and clean to avoid moisture retention.

Trimming often depends on your pet’s grooming needs, but it’s ideal to have their nails trimmed once or twice a month to avoid scratches on your floors. Moreover, pets with thick fur trap a lot of moisture that can result in hardwood warping.  Always dry your pet’s fur with a big, fluffy towel.

Apply Scratch Resistant Hardwood Coating and Nail Wax

Hardwood floorings require little to no maintenance but having pets means doing upkeep more than usual. Homeowners don’t need to refinish or polish their floors every month but applying scratch-resistant coatings once or twice a year will improve your hardwood’s protection from minor scuffs. Check on every coating option, as some can make your pet’s paws slippery, resulting in injuries and other furniture damage.

Nail wax can also help minimize the scratches your floors can get from your pets. Applying wax tips on their nails can keep them from scratching the hardwood even when running around.

Invest in Mats, Rugs, and Carpet Runners

One of the best ways to pet-proof your hardwood floors is by investing in mats, rugs, and carpet runners. Rugs and mats help absorb spills and capture grime and dirt before it damages your flooring. Putting door mats on every entryway can help minimize the dirt and moisture from your pet’s paws after their walk outside.

Having rugs and mats beneath their drinking and feeding areas is also essential. Your pets can sometimes spill and make a mess while eating or drinking. With rugs, you can limit spillages and clean them up immediately to avoid moisture buildup on the floors.

Carpet runners are another great way to protect your hardwood floors. Placing them in areas with high foot and pet traffic can prevent damage from wear and tear. Having these runners in places where your pets often roam around the house can keep your flooring in peak condition.

Some homeowners may not want to cover their hardwood floors using carpet runners, but their coverage allows you to enjoy the beauty of your wooden floorings for a longer time. In addition, they help in covering irreparable scratches on your floorboards.

Clean Up Spills and Potty Incidents Immediately

Even with training, there are times when you encounter potty incidents. Because of these accidents, protecting your hardwood floors is essential 24/7. When your pet gets into one, clean up the mess immediately before their urine can seep into the floorboards. Cat urine can damage hardwood floors more than dog urine, but you must wipe them off as soon as possible.

Besides wiping them down, use a wood floor cleaner to minimize the seepage. When cleaning the spills or urine off your hardwood floorings, remember not to push them over a larger area. You can also follow the floor cleaner with a relevant polish to prevent further damage.

Following the proper cleaning process will keep your hardwood floor away from early destruction. Unlike usual water spills, potty incidents are metabolic wastes that have properties that can ruin hardwood floorings faster.

Pet-Proofing Your Hardwood Flooring

Living with a pet should not deter you from installing hardwood floors. While pets can damage your flooring, there are several ways you can do to prevent or minimize them. Understanding the proper process and using the right materials will make pet-proofing your floorboards easier. Keeping them in peak condition will not be a problem, and you can still enjoy living with your furry companion without sacrificing the interior of your home.

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