September 6, 2022

Is Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen Right for You?

When it comes to specific rooms in your home, you may have been told some clear do’s and don’ts. Many people believe only certain types of flooring belong in kitchens and bathrooms. Traditionally in the past, ceramic tile and linoleum were the primary options for these areas. But today, many other durable and aesthetically pleasing options exist for these rooms. However, when it comes to hardwood flooring in the kitchen, most presume this is not a great option. Certainly, there are concerns that kitchen hardwood floors may be subject to water damage. But this alone should not preclude this as a potential kitchen flooring option. In fact, many families have made the decision to use hardwood flooring in the kitchen after considering the pros and cons. With that in mind, the following highlights the advantages and disadvantages of kitchen hardwood floors. Knowing this advance will help you determine exactly which kitchen flooring is best for you.

Advantages of Kitchen Hardwood Floors

If you’re seriously considering hardwood flooring in the kitchen, you likely already appreciate its advantages. But the following provides a more comprehensive list of the pros of having kitchen hardwood floors.

·  Beauty and Aesthetics – The natural beauty of hardwood flooring is the reason most people consider it as a flooring choice in the kitchen. Hardwood floors come in a variety of hues that can match any kitchen design and décor. In addition, it offers an elegant and timeless quality to your home. Plus, for those with open floor plans, extending hardwood flooring in the kitchen creates a more expansive look.

· Durability and Longevity – Different hardwoods have different degrees of durability. referring to the Janka Hardness Chart may help you in this regard. But for most hardwoods, their durability is somewhere between ceramic tile and luxury vinyl. That makes hardwood in the kitchen a reasonable choice. Likewise, when properly maintained, its longevity can last a century or longer.

·  Walkability and Warmth – It may not be as warm and soft as carpet, but hardwood flooring certainly adds warmth to a home. Likewise, kitchen hardwoods are much softer to walk on when compared to ceramic tile. In fact, many families prefer hardwood flooring in the kitchen because of the cozy feel it offers.

· Home Value Considerations – Because of the timeless nature of hardwood floors, choosing this floor covering in the kitchen can add value. Homebuyers routinely see hardwood flooring as an asset. Even hardwood floors in the kitchen can make a home more appealing should you ever decide to sell.  

Disadvantages of Kitchen Hardwood Floors

Now that we’ve covered the pros, we should also point out some of the cons with kitchen hardwood floors. In some cases, the disadvantages associated with this flooring choice could outweigh their advantages.

· Water, Oil and Grease – It’s no secret that water exposure as well as oil and grease spatters happen in the kitchen. Each of these can stain or damage your kitchen hardwood floors. Sealants, mats and rugs can provide protection in this regard as can routine maintenance. But this is something important to consider.

· Scratches and Dents – Despite their durability, hardwood flooring in the kitchen is prone to scratches and dents. Furniture pads, no-shoes rules, and rugs can help prevent this from occurring. But high-traffic kitchens may still be at risk.

· Daily Maintenance Demands – All hardwood floors require routine maintenance, and kitchen hardwood floors are no different. That means dusting and sweeping on a daily basis, and cleaning on a weekly basis. In addition, sanding and refinishing is usually performed every 10 years or so. Other flooring options do not require as much routine care.

· Price Considerations – Compared to many other flooring choices, hardwood flooring isn’t inexpensive. In addition to materials’ costs, installation as well as staining and sealing add to the bottom line. Also, periodic refinishing needs should also be factored into the equation. For some, this may be a limiting factor when thinking about hardwood flooring in the kitchen.

Is Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen Right for You?

Understanding both the pros and cons of kitchen hardwood floors, you can approach the decision better informed. With that in mind, the following are some key questions to consider before making your final decision.

·  How Busy Is Your Kitchen? – If your kitchen is the popular destination in your home, then hardwood might not be the best choice. Alternatively, you could consider using mats and rugs to help protect it from scratches, dents, and spills.

·  What’s Close to the Kitchen? – Is your kitchen the first room you enter from the pool or garage? If so, it will be more prone to exposure to water, dirt and shoes. Other flooring alternatives might be a better selection if this is the case.

·  What Type of Planks Are You Considering? – Are you thinking of installing unfinished hardwood planks or prefinished ones? Unfinished planks that are stained and sealed in place are less likely to have cracks and gaps. This means they will be less resistant to water, dust, and debris.  

·  Is Hardwood in Your Budget? – As noted, hardwood flooring tends to be more costly. This includes its installation as well as periodic refinishing expenses. With that in mind, it’s important to be sure hardwood flooring in the kitchen is in your budget.

·   Are You Good at Maintenance? – Some of us are great at maintenance, and some of us are not. Which type are you? Because kitchen hardwood floors will require daily and weekly maintenance, it’s important to answer this question realistically.  

Kitchen hardwood floors are not for everyone, and being well-informed allows you to recognize this if that’s the case. Fortunately, for these families, other great flooring options exist that can certainly meet their needs. However, many families do decide to install hardwood flooring in their kitchen for a variety of reasons. It’s a perfect selection for many homes when the positives of hardwood flooring outweigh the negatives.

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