April 10, 2023

Hardwood Flooring Stain Removal Methods That Don’t Need Special Cleaners

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Solid hardwood floors are the top flooring addition any homeowner should add to their remodeling list in 2023. Homes with hardwood flooring can expect 80% ROI and steady home value increase over time. With so many perks these wooden floors offer, keeping them in peak condition is essential. But in busy homes where stains and spills happen every time, looking for cost-efficient methods to deal with them is a big help. Here are some stain removal methods you can consider without relying on costly special cleaners.

Things to Consider Before Dealing with Flooring Stains

Before removing water stains from your hardwood floors, you should assess the situation further to see the severity of the damage. One is examining the color of the blots. Most liquid spillage on hardwood floorings takes on white stains or dark, black rings.

White stains happen or appear when there’s trapped moisture in the hardwood’s finish. Some of the methods in this guide work best with these concerns. But if you’re dealing with dark or black-toned stains on the floors, it’s a good indication that the liquid seeped through the layers of finish and reached the planks themselves.

While there’s hope to remove them with some methods, refinishing the entire hardwood flooring is the best option. In addition, homeowners can achieve higher success with tough floor stains if they combine several cleaning techniques.

Removing Water Stains with Mayonnaise

The idea may sound ridiculous, but mayonnaise is one of the best quick fixes for white water marks on your hardwood floors. The oil in mayonnaise displaces the moisture found in the stain. It also remedies any cloudy residue you may find in the hardwood flooring’s finish due to the dried spill.

Take a paper towel and dab some mayonnaise on the stain. Leave it for a few hours or overnight with the paper towel on top of it. By morning, remove the paper towel and start wiping off the mayonnaise with a clean cloth. Once all the residue from the watermarks is out, polish the area with wax for a new, glossy finish. 

Using Vinegar and Olive Oil Solution as A Hardwood Floor Stain Remover

Another DIY stain remover you can use for hardwood flooring stains is a solution of vinegar and olive oil. Mix equal portions of vinegar and olive oil in a small bowl until you incorporate the two properly. Get a clean cloth and dab some liquid mixture onto the floor. Wipe the vinegar-olive oil stain remover in the wood grain's direction until you completely remove every bit of stain.

The vinegar removes the stain, while the olive oil acts like hardwood polish. Once you got all the marks off the floor, get another clean, dry cloth and wipe the leftover mixture off the flooring.

Many homeowners are wary of using vinegar because of its acidic properties. But don’t fret because vinegar can’t harm the hardwood once you mix the right amount with olive oil. Using it alone on your hardwood flooring can give it a cloudy film as it eats through the finish.

Iron Can Remove the Stain

Many homeowners believe using a clothing iron to remove floor stains is a gamble. But that is far from the truth if you know how to use them properly. To remove white-marked stains on your hardwood floors with an iron, start by covering a clean cloth over the mark. Most DIY-ers recommend cotton cloths without any prints or decals, as it prevents any chance of transfer from the fabric to your hardwood.

Check that there’s no water within your iron and set it to a low temperature. Once it starts warming, put it over the cloth over the stain. Keep there for a few seconds before lifting the iron and cotton cloth to check the state of the watermark. You can stop if any traces of the stains are gone, but repeat the procedure until you get it out.

This method is best when the stains are still damp because it evaporates the moisture off the surface finish.

Toothpaste Can Do the Trick

Getting rid of surface floor stains with mayonnaise is ridiculous, and that sentiment’s the same with toothpaste. Like mayo, toothpaste can remove stains from your hardwood flooring. But to ensure this method is a success, use white toothpaste instead of those with gel and whitening varieties.

Get a clean cloth and dab a generous amount of toothpaste on it. Buff the paste on the stain and gently rub it until you remove the white marks. Wipe any residue with another clean, dry cloth or a paper towel. You can also polish the area with wax for a pristine, glossy look.

Stain Removal Methods and Hardwood Floors in Austin, TX

Hardwood floors are a high and steady home investment that can benefit you for a lifetime. These wooden floorings must stay in peak condition to ensure you keep reaping these perks. While refinishing and floor replacement are costly to some homeowners, these stain removal methods are cost-effective alternatives that could protect and maintain your hardwood flooring over time.

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