September 29, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About Pricing a Hardwood Floor - Part 2

Pricing and cost are the most important factors when choosing any flooring–especially if your budget is finite. So it’s important to do some homework to better appreciate which hardwood flooring might be within your price range. The following provides some information to help you choose.

Costs of Hardwood Installation

Hardwood materials are the bulk of one’s costs when pricing a hardwood floor for a home. But that doesn’t mean installation costs should be ignored. Here too, there are some variations depending on the situation. For example, installers must consider a variety of factors when bidding a hardwood flooring installation project. In addition to the actual square footage, irregularities of the space may increase costs. Floor vents and unusual spaces with lots of corners and angles often require more labor. In addition, there may also be removal and disposal costs of an old flooring if this is part of a job. And once a flooring is removed, subfloor repairs and improvements may be needed in preparation of your hardwood floor. These potential costs should be anticipated so one can be better prepared. Need wood floor repair austin tx?

In general, installation of hardwood flooring may call for a nailed installation where the hardwood planks are nailed to the subflooring. This averages around three-to-five dollars per square foot. Alternatively, homeowners may choose to glue the hardwood flooring to the subfloor, which costs between two-to-three dollars per square foot. There also may be some additional expenses depending on how the baseboards are handled as well. In each case, there may be options for homeowners to weigh the pros and cons in an effort to reduce expenses. This can help keep pricing a hardwood floor within a budget.

The other factor related to installation involves the finishing of the hardwood flooring. In most cases, installers will need to sand hardwoods down in order to provide a smooth surface for finishing. From here, finishing options of your hardwood floors may involve vitrification, oiling, or waxing. The former involves applying varnish to the hardwoods while the latter two involve applying oil or wax respectively. These finishing options are all between three-to-five dollars per square foot in most cases but vary in look and maintenance requirements. But still, it’s important to recognize these additional costs when pricing a hardwood floor. 

The Bottom Line

The costs of a hardwood floor involve a number of expense items and each can vary depending on selections. According to national averages, most homeowners spend between twelve dollars and twenty dollars per square for hardwood floors. But by understanding how the costs break down, you can make wise decisions that could save you money. And as always, a trusted hardwood flooring specialist can offer some expert guidance as well.