September 26, 2022

Choosing the Right Hardwood Colors for Your Home - Part 2

Hardwood flooring: so many options, so many styles–which one is best? Complicating matters is the wide range of colors to choose from. Consider the following, which offers tips for when it comes to choosing the right hardwood for your home’s flooring. As a general guide, these insights can guide you in the right direction.

The Best of Both Worlds

Of course, not every homeowner decided to go light or dark when choosing the right hardwood colors. Some actually mix things up a bit by including a variety of colors. Patterned hardwoods offer one way to achieve this effect. For instance, some Hickory floors as well as Knotty Pine and hardwoods with mixed grain patterns offer a variety of colors. These hardwoods provide natural beauty and a more rustic look that is ideal from some settings. Their patterns of color variation achieve a richness and visual saturation that is more subtle than other hardwood choices. Of course, patterned hardwoods may not be the best for every room in your home. Specifically, patterns in rooms like the kitchen may suggest stains and spills that don’t exist. Or they may hide ones that do! Regardless, natural patterned hardwood colors are perfect from some areas with the right type of home décor. Want wood floor refinishing austin tx?

Going to the Extremes

In terms of lighter and darker hardwood colors, there are many different tones that may be selected. Some of this comes from the hardwood itself while color stains also offer selections. But also popular are color extremes related to specific hardwood stains. Espresso blacks and extreme whites now exist as hardwood colors. And both may meet design preferences when choosing the right hardwood colors for a home. In many instances, such color extremes are selected in more contemporary homes with art deco or modern styles. Certainly, hardwood color extremes aren’t for every home or homeowner. But they too have their place in the “color” scheme of things. 

Seeking a Design or Hardwood Color Specialist

While the above offer some important considerations when choosing the right hardwood colors, additional assistance may be needed. As such, interior designers as well as hardwood flooring experts might be able to help. In addition to learning about your home’s specific style, they’ll also consider other factors that might affect your decision. Your home’s specific location and the amount of sunlight exposure it receives are examples of these additional aspects. In any case, choosing the right hardwood colors for your home is important. And given that you’ll be living with these colors for some time, it’s a good idea to choose wisely!