October 25, 2022

2022 Hardwood Flooring Factors to Think About

Remodeling trends in 2022 emphasize personalized and curated home styles, bold colors, and good use of wood. Whether you prefer having a luxurious interior or a warm and cozy space, installing hardwood floors is always a classic addition to your home. With hardwood’s increasing popularity, more homeowners are going with the hype. But with so many flooring options available, newbie remodelers find the experience overwhelming. Well, not for long! Here are some of the top hardwood flooring factors you can consider when shopping.

Choosing your Hardwood: Make a Checklist

One of the common mistakes that new floor remodelers make when choosing their hardwood flooring is not making a checklist of what they need for their homes. Homeowners tend to go for the look alone and find that their wooden floors clash with everything. Having a list allows you to stay within your budget and get the best flooring design fit for your project aesthetic.

Your hardwood shopping checklist should include your budget range and the project's floor area. But these two things are only the beginning. There are more factors to consider to ensure you buy the floor of your dreams. 

Hardwood Flooring Types

With the help of technology, hardwood floor choices can now range from natural wood to engineered ones. Moreover, natural hardwood floors can use exotic wood, apart from traditional domestic options.

Natural solid hardwoods are expensive, and their prices can vary depending on wood species and availability. Covering your entire living area with natural hardwood can be heavy on the pocket and are not advisable for remodelers with a tight budget.

Engineered wood is a cost-friendly solution for people who want hardwood floors on a budget. They are thin hardwood veneer layers on top of other materials like fiberboard that allow them stability and extreme durability. Unlike natural hardwood, they don't need refinishing and are easy to install.

Exotic hardwood is another trending type for remodelers. Homeowners who want to make a bold statement can go with exotic wood species instead of the usual oak and maple. 

Color Choices

Who says hardwood floor colors only have brown variations? One reason for hardwood floors' comeback is the broader range of color choices homeowners now have. Contemporary hardwood has bolder color options from exotic wood species and vivid stain finishes. Deciding on your color palette will help you choose the wood and stain for your house.

2022's current color favorites are warm and cool tones like blonde, grey, honey, and whitewashed. Brown and blackened charcoals are also popular, especially for people with monochromatic or minimalistic aesthetics. More adventurous remodelers play with deep green or blue hardwood floors to add a whimsical, elegant feel to their interiors.

Hardwood Floor Textures

Hardwood textures are also an essential factor many remodelers consider when buying. Smooth and new-looking hardwood floors are still classic choices, but textured wood gives more character.

In the era of curated home styles, these elements are necessary to bring out the owner's personality and give them more ownership of their homes. Because of this factor, exotic and reclaimed hardwood are more in-demand.

Unlike the domestic hardwood species, these floorings have a distinct graining, appearance, and richer color. They also have unique patterns with varied textures like mahogany and canary wood.

Reclaimed hardwood has worn and torn textures that show history and aging. Some of the hottest hardwood textures in the market are hand-scraped, distressed, and wire-brushed. 

Wood Layout and Patterns

Hardwood flooring designs are popular in the remodeling industry for varied reasons. One of them is the hardwood layouts and patterns available on the market.

Making a statement doesn't always have to be loud and over-the-top. Hardwood flooring options with distinct patterns and layouts are one subtle but ideal way of doing it.

Domestic hardwood species often have subdued colors and patterns. But these are easy to resolve by layouting them on your floors. Some of the typical hardwood flooring design patterns are chevron, herringbone, and wide planks.

Although these are the classic go-to layout designs, more hardwood flooring services and designers are coming up with patterns and layouts. With more wood species available, builders and homeowners can make hardwood flooring layouts and patterns that best suit their designs and style. 

What to Consider When Choosing Hardwood Flooring

Making renovations can be tedious, frustrating, and costly. While installing hardwood floors is a more convenient project, they can be overwhelming with the choices available. Making a mistake in your hardwood purchases can leave a big dent in your budget. In addition, it can get you to cost-cut other projects or change a majority of your design to fit your floors.

Creating a checklist and considering these essential hardwood flooring factors will benefit your project. You can decrease your time shopping, avoid overspending, and have your dream hardwood floor and styles.

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